Czech artists exhibit at the SCULPTURA #2 festival


After the success of the first edition in 2023, Sculptura embarks on an even more ambitious journey in 2024. Brussels Sculpture Festival Sculptura #2 presents around 40 exceptional artists from more than 20 European countries. We are proud to support the participation of 3 contemporary Czech sculptors: Kryštof Hošek, Miriam Kaminská and Pavlína Kvita.

Lubo Mikle (SK), Kuvyt, 2020

From Friday January 19 to Sunday March 10, Sculptura transforms the Tour & Taxis site into an inspiring visual universe. Artists from all corners of Europe serve you diverse perspectives, styles and cultural backgrounds in a melting pot of artistic dialogue and exchange. Each work reflects the unique artistic legacy and contemporary vision of artist and country. Monumental or minimalist, each work by Sculptura #2 aims to captivate you and invite you to stray from the beaten path, to enter into dialogue with the unknown or the 'strange', to philosophize about new impressions.

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