The festive opening of the exhibition ASSORTMENT STRATEGIES


On Wednesday 19 April 2023 the Delegation of Prague to the EU organised the festive opening of the exhibition ASSORTMENT STRATEGIES. The joint exhibition of Alžběta Říhová and Petr Dub is not a confrontation, but rather a symbiosis, a parallel public presentation of two similarly artistically oriented authors. Alžběta and Petr belong to unique representatives of post-conceptual art, or "reductive tendencies", but transformed by the postmodern lesson that revived spectacular visuality.

The festive opening of the exhibition ASSORTMENT  STRATEGIES

For both authors, the starting point is a hanging picture. The source for both formal and meaningful play is architecture, or rather its tectonic elements, but also deconstructed elements of an archetypal image or physical properties of the material. Both experiment with multiplication, seriality, variability, modularity. They equally emphasize the material and the careful surface treatment of the displayed artefact, often working with illusory effects. The result is a simplified geometric shape in the form of hybrid images-objects offering a surprisingly rich source of meanings, significations, quotations and references to the history of art, architecture and society.

curator: Milan Mikuláštík

The musical accompaniment of the evening was provided by DJ Swimlanes.

The exhibition can be visited until May 16, 2023 - please make a reservation at