PH Garden Concert: Barbora Poláková - Něhy


On Tuesday June 20 2023, Barbora Poláková and her band performed at the Prague House Garden Concert. It was the final concert of the singer's "Něhy Tour".

The actor and singer Barbora Poláková is a holder of five “Anděl” Music Awards, which she received for her first two albums (Barbora Poláková, 2015 and Ze.Mě, 2018). She is the author or co-author of both lyrics and music and the author of most of her music video themes.

In parallel with the recording of her third studio album, Barbora Poláková managed to prepare a unique live one shot video releases for song compilations called Něhy (Tenderness) and Dydjiny. “I wanted to make a few songs before the summer and just put it on YouTube to tease our fans for summer concerts. I thought that the Dydjiny would resonate more and I was surprised and touched at the same time by the responses to Něhy and numerous comments, letters and messages. That's why we decided to release the songs on vinyl and digitally and to go on a special tour and play them in various interesting places.”

This bonus record and bonus tour started in April 2023 in specific places in the Czech Republic, and was closed during the Prague House Garden Concert in Brussels in June 2023.

Brussels fans of Barbora couldn´t care less about the rainy weather and were delighted by the performance. During the evening, the crowd enjoyed songs like Ona, Kdyby, Voda (feat. Matěj Fendrich) and Polovina, as well as older hits Kráva, Nafrňená and a special version of the new song Sousedův trávník.

Barbora's new release is already out and is going on a tour of the same name to accompany the album called ON/OFF. ON/OFF comes five years after her last album Ze.Mě. It brings with it a strong combination of three producers. One of them is David Hlaváč, who has been a duo with Bára since her first album, another is Jan P. Muchow, who produced both previous albums, and for the first time Bára met producer Filip Jelinek. The album also features a number of interesting guests – Ben Cristovao, Marek Adamczyk or Jan Cina. Some of them will also be part of the live performances, so don’t miss it!