Czech artists exhibit at the Sculpture #1 festival


Brussels Sculpture Festival Sculptura #1 united Brussels, Belgian and international monumental, sculptural and installation art and artists in a grand setting. It is the largest temporary indoor exhibition of contemporary sculptures and statues in Belgium. The first edition of the annual festival took place at Gare Maritime / Tour & Taxis from the 10th of February 2023 till the 12th of March 2023.

The Czech sculpture was represented by Benedikt Tolar and Kateřina Komm.

Benedikt Tolar is one of the prominent creators on the contemporary Czech art scene. He is a graduate of the Academy of Fine Arts in Prague, known mainly as an object artist and sculptor. In his work, he often recycles everyday items and transforms them into ready-made works of art with the help of contextual transformation. He likes to work with the motifs of absurdity and infantility, but he combines them in a sophisticated way with, for example, motifs of sacredness or nobility. Fragments of cars, animal monsters, bathtubs, satellites covered in varnish, chaotically mixing colors, monumental sculptures or spiritual symbols – all this creates a colorful synthesis of the author's imagination.

The work of the sculptor Benedikt Tolar is characterized by a non-violent play making reference to sculpture, and by a cutting humor.

AJ VANA BE This living sculpture, made from used bathtubs, comes to life at night when the various parts are illuminated and accompanied by original music by Ladislav Fryc. Representing the principles of recycling and upcycling, the bathtubs symbolize typical socialist households in panel construction.

DANCE OF DEATH An ordinary but brutally crumpled bathtub evokes the dance of death, a situation that may already be hopeless. This dance creation will not be one of the pleasant ones...

**Kateřina Komm **is a sculptor based in Prague where she works as an assistant at the Academy of Fine Arts in the 'Atelier of Figurative Sculpture and Metal'. She is currently also working on her PhD research, focusing on the interaction between sculpture and memory. Apart from her focus on large-scale plaster and concrete sculptures, she experiments with polaroid photography and a transfer of photographic images onto the surfaces of sculptures. Kateřina Komm's artistic work clearly shows the intention to stack, compile and continuously transform countless visual and textual objects and accounts of events, inspiring experiences or perceptions from different places, times and spaces. The author's reflections of vividly resonant moments open space for other associative ideas, forming richly branched lines of meaning of emerging sculptures, objects, drawings and installations.

MALE BLOOD LINE (Plaster and Linen)