Science Café: Gene editing & Nanorobots

The last edition of this year’s Science Café will open up the topic of gene editing and nanorobots. The science behind what seems like a different universe for someone not from the field will be discussed by Alžběta Ressnerová from Central European Institute of Technology.

Science Café: Gene editing & Nanorobots

About the speaker Alžběta Ressnerová:

After completing her master's degree in molecular medicine at Humboldt University in Berlin, Alžběta decided to return to the Czech Republic, where she is currently pursuing her doctoral studies at the Central European Institute of Technology. At CEITEC, she is primarily focused on researching the use of nanorobots and nanotools for various biological applications.

Additionally, she holds the Fulbright Masaryk Fellowship at the University of California, Berkeley, specifically at the Innovative Genomics Institute. Over the past year, she focused on the development of platforms for the delivery of CRISPR to target cells.

Alžběta‘s passion extends beyond her scientific pursuits; she also enjoys mentoring young students and has a deep appreciation for music and art.

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The event is co-organized by Czech Liasion Office for Education and Research in Brussels (CZELO), Representation of the South Moravian Region to the EU, Czech Centre Brussels and Prague House in Brussels.

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Prague House


30.11 17:00-30.11.2023 20:00