Exhibition "Milan Knížák: My Lovers"

"My Lovers" is a unique exhibition in the context of the presentation of works by Milan Knížák, primarily due to its monothematic nature. The selection of works is determined by the topic that the author has been working on since 2002 until today. Transgender is for Knížák an escape into a future we know nothing about. We can only speculate what happens to the man and woman at the beginning of the new millennium. Trans people, as the author calls his drawings, are actually an infinite number of possible and impossible genders. These automatic drawings, like coloring books, provoke with their simplicity and playfulness. In contrast to them are large-format paintings in which tenderness and lyrical form are inserted, which force the viewer to perceive eroticism, sex and perversion as something beautiful.

Exhibition "Milan Knížák: My Lovers"

The author himself said about the exhibition: "Perhaps the future will surprise us with its forcefulness. Perhaps we are not too bold in our ideas."

Curator: Vilém Kabzan

The exhibition will last until April 10, 2024. Please book your visit at: praguehouse@praha.eu.

Our Venue


Prague House


06.03 23:00-09.04.2024 22:00