Committee of the Regions

The European Committee of the Regions (CoR) plays a crucial role in promoting regional and local interests in EU. Representing local and regional authorities in member states, the CoR ensures that their voices are heard in the EU decision-making process.

The CoR acts as an advisory body to the EU institutions on matters that affect local and regional authorities. Its committees focus on specific policy areas, and their opinions and reports provide input into the EU legislative process. With up to 70% of EU legislation having a direct impact at city and regional level, the CoR is one of the most important institutional platforms for developing multilateral relations and promoting various territorial interests at EU level. The Czech Republic's membership in the CoR dates back to its accession to the EU in 2004. The Czech delegation actively participates in the CoR's committees, providing valuable input and feedback on policies that affect their regions, municipalities and its citizens. The president of the Czech delegation is Roman Línek, Vice-President of Pardubice Region, its vice-president is Pavel Branda, Deputy Mayor of Rádlo Municipality.

Cross-border cooperation, enhancing cooperation with the Eastern Partnership countries or smart development of cities and rural areas are just some of the priority topics of the Czech delegation. However, its main political priority is the further development and modernisation of cohesion policy – an investment policy targeting the economic and social convergence of regions. Prague House coordinates and provides support to the Czech National Delegation and actively promotes urban perspectives on relevant issues. Our tasks include:

• administrative and organisational support to the members of the delegation, a point of contact and a liaison role between the members and the CoR, communication with the members' political groups etc.;

• preparation of analytical documents and speeches for committee and CoR plenary meetings;

• providing up-to-date information on relevant policies, initiatives and EU funding opportunities;

• and formulating suggestions and amendments to the opinions and initiatives under discussion.

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