Committee of the Regions

The Committee of the Regions was established in 1994 in the European Union Agreement and it is an advisory body comprising representatives of European regional and local authorities. The Committee of the Regions must be consulted before an EU decision is made with regard to local and regional administration such as regional policies, the environment, education and transport.

Committee of the Regions

The Committee has 350 members. After Brexit, the number of members of four national delegations has been increased by 1, remaining 21 posts will be kept for the potential future member states. The number of representatives from each member state approximately reflects the number of inhabitants in the state and it is as follows:

France, Italy and Germany: 24 Poland and Spain: 21 Romania: 15 Belgium, Bulgaria, Czech Republic, Hungary, Netherlands, Portugal, Austria, Greece and Sweden: 12 Denmark, Finland, Ireland, Croatia, Lithuania and Slovak Republic: 9 Latvia, Estonia and Slovenia: 7 Cyprus and Luxembourg: 6 Malta: 5 TOTAL 329

Czech National Delegation

Since 2004 the City of Prague coordinates the work of Czech National Delegation. Vít Čaban is currently a national coordinator with Petr Osvald as his deputy.