One World Brussels Closing Ceremony

One World in Brussels is an annual showcase of a selection of documentary films from the One World festival (Czechia), currently the world's largest human rights film festival. The 17th edition of One World in Brussels takes place between 15 and 19 April 2024. Each film will be accompanied by a discussion with influential guests with strong voices.

One World Brussels Closing Ceremony

10 films were selected from the One World program, which will be screen in the capital of the European institutions as part of the One World Festival in Brussels 2024. The entire festival program is in English.

The Prague House is pleased to host the Closing Ceremony - Screening of the winning film chosen by the jury on April 19, 2024. Registre here

Most screenings are for free, however, you need to register for them in advance.

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14.04 22:00-19.04.2024 20:00