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The Day of Prague 11 in Brussels

The 6th of May in the Prague House was dedicated to the district of Prague 11 which organised its ‘Day’ there ( As part of the Day of Prague 11, the Brussels audience had an opportunity to learn more about the Jižní město (‘Southern City’), its history, present and future prospects, and also about the implemented and planned projects that are being  proposed to improve the quality of life of the inhabitants of this part of the city which is well known for its high-rise flats, but also contains a lot of greenery, parks, sporting events and a concentration of the most important European and international companies. The late afternoon workshop focused not only on the actual part of the City but also on its important partners from the private sector. The main focus of the social part of the evening following the workshop was the exhibition of photographs of life in Prague 11 and it was opened by a performance given by the Czech-Belgian cabaret singer Jiřina Nebesářová. The guests, mostly representatives of European institutions and other European regions, had the opportunity to appreciate the quality of the specialty beer Prague 11 – eleven degree beer Jihoměšťan.