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Roundtable discussion „Multi-speed Europe“

On 7 November 2017, the Institute for Politics and Society and the Delegation of Prague to the EU with the support of the European Liberal Forum organized an evening discussion „Multi-speed Europe“. Invited speakers discussed the pros and cons of multi-speed Europe, its threats, as well as whether this concept could be a solution to […]

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Meeting of Czech National Delegation

On 11th October, Prague House hosted a meeting of Czech National Delegation at the Committee of Regions and had pleasure to welcome Jaroslav Zajíček, new Deputy Permanent Representative of Czech Republic to the EU, and Jiří Buriánek, Secretary-General of the Committee of the Regions. The Czech National Delegation discussed a common approach and support of […]

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East West Divide

Delegation of Prague to the EU and the Institute for Politics and Society organized on 16 February 2016 a debate with the title “East West Divide”. Few years ago, at the height of the Eurozone crisis and Greek crisis, the EU was divided into North and South — prudent savings oriented responsible nature of the […]

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