Czech National Delegation

Members of the Czech National Delegation at the Committee of the Regions (CoR) represent the interests of Czech regions, municipalities and rural areas at European level. The Czech National Delegation has 12 members and an equivalent number of alternates. An alternate member substitutes members unable to participate in a particular meeting.

Each of the Czech CoR members must hold an elective mandate, i.e. he/she must have been elected in either local or regional elections in the Czech Republic. The Czech delegation consists mainly of representatives of Czech regions and mayors of Czech towns and cities.

Appointing the Czech delegation

The Czech members of the CoR are appointed according to the following system: the first proposals are approved by the Association of Regions of the Czech Republic (AK CR) and the Union of Towns and Municipalities of the Czech Republic (SMO CR). The list of proposed names is then approved by the Czech Government and the final approval is given by the European Council. Geographical balance as well as political and gender aspects are taken into account when establishing the final list of members. In February 2015 the new 5-year term of office began resulting in an updated list of members of the Czech National Delegation. Mr. Petr Osvald, member of the City Council of Plzen, continues to assume the chairmanship. Updated information on the full list of the Delegation members can be found below. Citizens of the Czech Republic can contact the National Coordinators or AK CR and SMO CR organizations with other detailed questions.

Organization and promoting policy interests

The role of the Czech National Delegation is to ensure that voices of Czech citizens are heard. The Czech Delegation meets regularly before the CoR Plenary Session to formulate joint positions and to discuss relevant issues. The agenda of the meetings, which usually take place at the Prague House in Brussels, is prepared by the National Coordinators and approved by the President of Delegation who also chairs the meetings.

Among the main priorities of the Czech National Delegation are cohesion policy, transport, infrastructure and rural development. These are further specified in an annual report “Priorities of the Czech National Delegation” which is discussed and amended by all members during the meetings.

Local government structures in the Czech Republic

The Czech Republic is divided into 14 regions: Praha (Prague region), Jihočeský (South Bohemia region), Plzeňský (Pilsen region), Karlovarský (Karlovy Vary region), Liberecký (Liberec region), Ústecký (Ústí nad Labem region), Středočeský (Central Bohemia region), Vysočina (Vysočina region), Královehradecký (Hradec Králové region), Pardubický (Pardubice region), Moravskoslezský (Moravia-Silesia region), Olomoucký ( Olomouc region), Zlínský (Zlín region) and Jihomoravský (South Moravia region). Each region is run by a regional president and decisions are made by regional assemblies. For more information on the Czech regions, please contact the Association of Regions of the Czech Republic

President of the Czech Delegation

Mr Petr Osvald, member of Pilsen City Council

First Vice-President

Mr Roman Línek, president of Pardubice Region


Ms Adriana Krnáčová, mayor of Prague

Mr Oldřich Vlasák, representative of Hradec Králové


Mr František Cipro (national coordinator)

Prague:, +420 236 00 25 07

Mr Richard Zábranský (deputy coordinator)

Brussels:, +420 602 225 736

The Czech National Delegation consists of 12 members and 12 alternates.

Members – Association of Regions of the Czech Republic:

  • Ing. Roman Línek, Vice-President of Pardubice region
  • Ing. Stanislav Juránek,  Representative of the South Moravian Region
  • Ing. Pokorná Jermanová Jaroslava, Governor of the Central Bohemia Region
  • Bc. Martin Půta, President of Liberec region
  • Mgr. Benešík Ondřej, representative of the Zlín Region
  • Mgr. Jiří Zimola, President of South Bohemia region

Alternates – Association of Regions of the Czech Republic:

  • Grüner Ivo, Vice-President Pilsen region
  • Mgr. Karásek Zdeněk, representative of the Moravian-Silesian Region
  • Mgr. Pascal Pavel, Vice-President of the Vysočina Region
  • RNDr. Kubásek Miroslav Ph.D., representative of the South Moravian Region
  • Ing. Sršeň Radim Ph.D., representative of the Olomouc Region
  • Ing. Michalík Věslav, representative of the Central Bohemia Region

Members – Union of Towns and Municipalities of the Czech Republic:

  • Ing. Branda Pavel Ph.D., representative of Rádlo
  • MUDr. Štěpánka Fraňková, representative of Pardubice city
  • Mgr., M.A., MBA Adriana Krnáčová, Mayor of Prague
  • Ing. Dan Jiránek, representative of Kladno city
  • Ing. Petr Osvald, representative of Pilsen city
  • Ing. Oldřich Vlasák, representative of Hradec Králové city

Alternates – Union of Towns and Municipalities of the Czech Republic:

  • RNDr. Mgr. John Frantisek Ph.D., Mayor of Zábřeh
  • Václava Zelenková, Mayor of Račiněves
  • Ing. Sylva Kováčiková, Mayor of Bílovec
  • Mgr. Jan Mareš, Mayor of Chomutov
  • RnDr. Tomáš Hudeček, PhD., representative of Prague city
  • Ing. Robert Zeman, representative of Prachatice city