Antonin Kratochvil PERSONA – festive opening 10 April 2019

On Wednesday 10 April 2019 a festive opening of the photo exhibition Persona by Antonin Kratochvil took place in the Prague House in Brussels. The event was organised by the Delegation of Prague to the EU in cooperation with Prague City Gallery. The exhibition presents mostly the photographs of celebrities captured by famous Czech-American photographer Antonin Kratochvil. Among the exhibited works we can find also photos from a series called Homo Sovieticus depicting the Eastern Bloc reality. Antonin Kratochvil is one of the most famous contemporary photographers, his photographs have great artistic and documentary value.

The exhibition was introduced to the public by its curator Pavlina Vogelova and Prague City Gallery director Magdalena Jurikova, who attended the event together with Antonin Kratochvil.

We invite you to visit the exhibition Persona in the Prague House gallery until 18 June 2019, on weekdays between 9h00 and 16h30.

Photo: Filip De Smet