Prám Studio Exhibition: Loose End – 6 February 2019

On Wednesday 6 February 2019 a festive opening of the exhibition Loose End took place at the Prague House in Brussels. The exhibition presents the work of twelve artists from Prague-based Prám Studio. The curator of the exhibition Zuzana Krišková introduced the diverse works of young Czech artists to the guests of the evening event. Four artists from the Prám Studio – Dominik Běhal, Martin Herold, Jakub Roztočil and Josefína Jonášová – were guests of the opening.

Prám Studio puts together artists of different visual expressions, without any coherent artistic program. The work in the Studio is their common starting point, which influences their different artistic directions. From the theoretical point of view the artists from The Prám Studio are connected also by their persistence in traditional ways of artistic expression based on the sense of realism and haptic work with material.

The evening was accompanied by DJ Wouter Swimlanes.

You are welcome to visit the exhibition in the gallery of the Prague House, Avenue Palmerston 16, Brussels until 2 April 2019.


Photo: Filip de Smet