Exhibition „Libertiné, Igelité, Frappernité“ by Jiří Surůvka – 5 December 2018

On Wednesday, 5 December 2018, the Delegation of Prague to the EU organized a festive opening of the exhibition „Libertiné, Igelité, Frappernité“ by Jiří Surůvka. The exhibition was presented by its curator Vilém Kabzan. Both older and the very recent works of the Czech contemporary artist are exposed in the gallery of the Prague House. Jiří Surůvka is a multi-genre artist who is also well-known for his artistic performances. By his paintings full of humour he tries to show how the society can be immoral. Apart from his own work, Jiří Surůvka also leads the New Media Studio at the University of Ostrava.

The evening at the Prague House was accompanied by the musical performance of Bruno Ferrari.

You can visit the exhibition „Libertiné, Igelité, Frappernité“ at the Prague House till 30 January 2019.

Photo: Filip de Smet