Exhibition „Reappearance II“ by Monika Zakova – 9 October 2018

On Tuesday, October 9, 2018, the Delegation of Prague to the EU in cooperation with DRDOVA GALLERY organized a festive opening of the exhibition „Reappearance II” by Monika Zakova. The works selected for the exhibition at the Prague House were presented by the curator of the exhibition Lucie Drdova. Monika Zakova’s art is defined by the effort of the deconstruction of the usual visual approaches to the reality. The author is particularly interested in exploring the surface and depth of the paintings, she discovers their instability in her works. With analytical precision, an artistic illusion is connected with a craftsmanship in Monika Zakova’s works this refers to the importance of the formal aspect of the work and of its content as well. Zakova uses various techniques, for the paintings exhibited in the gallery of the Prague House she used mostly gouache and spray paint on paper or canvas. The exhibition provides an insight into the latest work of this young Czech artist.
The evening was accompanied by Handless DJ. You can visit the exhibition „Reappearance II” at the Prague House till 27 November 2018.

Photo: Filip de Smet


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