Opening Vaclav Stratil – Easy 4th June 2018

On July 4, 2018 the Delegation of Prague to the EU organised the festive opening of the exhibition Easy which presents the works of a Czech painter Vaclav Stratil.

Vaclav Stratil is a contemporary conceptual artist, who aims his work on different art techniques such as photography, oil painting, drawing and also performance art and unique installations. The exhibition, which is now presented at the Prague House displays mainly Stratil’s recent works. Among the most iconic pieces we can find oil paintings and miniature drawings of foxes. Abstract paintings and portrait art, typical for Vaclav Stratil, are represented too. The displayed works were introduced by the curator Vilem Kabzan who together with Vaclav Stratil opened the exhibition to the public.

The event was accompanied by artist himself playing guitar. All visitors are welcome at the Prague House Gallery until August 31, 2018 during usual office hours or upon request.

Photo: Nick Flawinne