Deus ex machina – June 20, 2018

On Wednesday June 20, 2018 the festive presentation of the new edition of the Flemish literary magazine Deus ex machina took place at the Prague House. This new issue is devoted to the Prague Spring and the year 1968. Michiel Leen (editor of Deus Ex Machina) gave his presentation about an aspect of the Prague Spring. Vincent Scheltiens (PhD in history at the University of Antwerpen) focused on the unknown dynamics of liberalisation during the Prague Spring. Jitka Pánek Jurková (Director of the Czech Center Brussels) gave an introduction to the life and work of Czech photographer Josef Koudelka. Wim Michiel (editor of Deus ex machina) zoomed in on Franz Kafka and Jasper Vervaeke (PhD in Spanish language and literature) told us about a remarkable meeting between Milan Kundera, Gabriel Garcia Marquez, Julio Cortazar and Carlos Fuentes that took place in Prague in 1968. Dutch-Czech translator Irma Pieper read her translations of some Václav Hrabě poems. Thanks to the Deus ex machina magazine for this special issue!

Photo: Filip De Smet