Panel discussion: The Position of Central European and V4 countries within the EU

On April 10 2018, the European Liberal Forum and the Institute for Politics and Society in cooperation with the Delegation of Prague to the EU organized a panel discussion on the Position of Central European and V4 countries within the EU. ‘‘What is the future of the Visegrad Group and can it get an inspiration from other regional groups within the EU, for instance from Benelux? European Commission is against multi-speed Europe, but what about Germany and France? Will intergovernmental arrangements strengthen? Will multi-speed Europe (if it happens) have economic and security impacts on the V4 countries? How will be all these issues reflected in a new EU´s budget, which is becoming a very hot topic?‘‘ The participants in the discussion were Martina Dlabajová, Vice-President of the European Liberal Forum, Member of the European Parliament (ALDE/ ANO), Alexander Graf Lambsdorff, Deputy Chair of the Group of Free Democrats in the German Bundestag, Aleš Chmelař, State Secretary for European Affairs and Angelika Mlinar, Member of the European Parliament, Austria, ALDE. The debate was moderated by Jan Macháček, Chairman of the Board of Trustees, Institute for Politics and Society.