Jakub Janovský: The Room (opening of the exhibition – 30.11.2017)

On 30th November, the Prague House had the pleasure to host the opening of a new exhibition of the contemporary Czech artist Jakub Janovský (*1984).

Jakub Janovský is among those members of the young generation of artists who are doing exciting work in the medium of drawing. His creations frequently seem like sarcastic provocations, aggressive assaults, or are cruelly ironic. They delve into unpleasant topics like human mortality, pride, narcissism, egotism, naïvité, thoughtlessness and cruelty. In weakness and vulnerability humans are in various forms and representations presented as the embodiment of a quirk of fate, of the fate they are hauled through or variously dodge, often to the detriment of everything else around them. (source: Artlist – Center for Contemporary Arts Prague)

The exhibition was introduced by the curator Jiří Machalický. The event was accompanied by a music performance of DJ Swimlanes. You are welcome to visit the exhibition during usual office hours until 23th January (reservation is required).

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