“Is a smart city a better city?” (discussion)

On 13th July, the Mayor of Prague Adriana Krnáčová and the Mayor of Bratislava Ivo Nesrovnal took part in a discussion entitled “Is a Smart City a Better City?”, organized at the Prague House.

The two speakers presented their plans to implement the concept of the “Smart Cities” in their cities and demonstrated, by concrete examples, an increased comfort that smart projects bring to the inhabitants of Prague and Bratislava. The further debate with the public discussed not only the implementation of the concept of “Smart cities”, but also some specific difficulties that both cities are facing and their possible solutions in the field of transport, environment, culture and other realms.
The debate was hosted by Erik Zolcer from the initiative “From the Tatras to Schuman” which co-organized the event with the Prague House and the City of Bratislava.