East West Divide

Delegation of Prague to the EU and the Institute for Politics and Society organized on 16 February 2016 a debate with the title “East West Divide”. Few years ago, at the height of the Eurozone crisis and Greek crisis, the EU was divided into North and South — prudent savings oriented responsible nature of the north against supposedly lax and irresponsible nature of the south. Now, the EU faces new divide because of the migration and security crisis. People speak about compassionate Western Europe and blame the East for cynicism, lack of solidarity and compassion.

The speakers in the debate were: Martina Dlabajová (MEP / ALDE), Pavel Svoboda (MEP / EPP), Anne Dastakian (Editor of French magazine Marianne), Ivan Hodáč (Vice-president of ASPEN Institute) and Jan Macháček (Chairman of the Board of the Institute for Politics and Society).

The debate was moderated by Anna Matušková, Analyst of the Institute for Politics and Society.