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The Three Musketeers – hand puppet theater

Nominated in the Czech Republic for the Theatre Critic´s Award, The Three Musketeers is grotesque hand puppet burlesque of the immortal story of the group, whose motto was “all for one, one for all!” The theatrical performance was inspired by tho novel by Alexander Dumas, Sr. and the silent grotesque of Max Linder. Characterized as “scenic comics”, the performance emphasizes action and uses live songs on the stage. The plot of ALFA´s Musketeers is simplified, feauturing baby-talk, notoriously familiar English, French, or international expressions, and lots of interjections. The company performs with hand puppets above a wooden wall, in which small window can be opened to reveal hidden chambers with hand puppets or live actors. This “staged cartoon”, lasts just under an hour and is communicative and entertaining for both childern and adults owing to its scaled down language. Comprehension of Czech is not necessary. Audiences can find everything they could wish for in an adaptation of The Three Musketeers: excitement, humour, situation comedy, fierce duels – along with professional puppet work, well sung songs, and a directorial vision that infuse the classic story with entertainment, but with oversight of knowledge and love.




The Best perfomance Award at Skupa´s Pilsen Festival (June 2006)

The Henry Jurkowski´s Award for the best performance and the Spectator´s Choice

at the International Puppet Festival at Banska Bystrica, Slovakia (September 2006)

Voted Production of the Year 2006 by Thetre News (Divadelni noviny)

Nominated for the Theatre Critic´s Award in the Czech Republic

The Award for the best direction and Actor Award at the 14 th International Theatre Festival

for Childern in Subotica, Serbia (May 2007)

The Grand Prix Award at the International Puppet theatre Festival for Adults in Pécs, Hungary (June 2007)

The Chidren Jury Award the Best Show at the International Puppet Theatre Festival, Zagreb, Croatia (September 2007)

The Best Direction, Music and Animation at the International Puppet Theatre Festival, Zagreb, Croatia (September 2007)


Scenario: Tomáš Dvořák – Ivan Nesveda – Pavel Vašíček


Lyrics: Blanka Josephová-Luňáková


Stage direction: Tomáš Dvořák


Stage design: Ivan Nesveda


Music: Michal Vaniš


Language version: English, French, German, Spanish


Actors: Martin Bartůšek, Petr Borovský, Martina J. Hartmanová, Bohuslav Holý, Blanka Josephová-Luňáková, Robert Kroupar, Tomáš Sukup, Vladimír Sosna