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Theatro Pantomissimo & Lenka Dusilová

On Saturday 12 December the Prague Representation to the EU, in cooperation with other Czech regional representations, prepared a wonderful Christmas present for their partners from European Institutions and partner regions. The Prague House hosted a performance by the modern pantomime theatre Theatro Pantomissimo, which captivated the audience and made it laugh with its pantomime sketches in the demanding one hour long programme called „Mime Must Go On”. After the performance and a short break, the main star of the evening, Lenka Dusilová, came on the stage. She played well known, and lesser known songs from her last album during her chamber c performance and the audience clapped for an encore. At the end of the concert, the guests were invited to enjoy light refreshments prepared by the Representations of individual Czech regions which reflected the spirit of Christmas and Christmas traditions. The only drawback was the limited capacity of the Prague House as the interest in the concert and the theatre performance far exceeded the capacity.