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Thanks to its acoustics, the Prague House is an ideal place for organising classical and modern music concerts, and also for showing films. A number of these events was organised in 2007. One of the most popular was the concert of two rather individual Czech song writers Jiří Schmitzer and Xavera Baumax which took place on 20th April. The evening was presented by a Czech Television reporter, Jiří František Potužník, and the evening itself started with a showing of the film „Bumerang” starring Jiří Schmitzer in a leading role, and it was followed by a talk from this actor and with his concert. The evening ended with a concert given by Xaver Baumax. On 24th August the „Clarinet Factory”Ensemble performed in the Prague House. The original „Czech Clarinet Quartet “filled the audience with enthusiasm thanks to its wonderful performance of classical and jazz music, and also by the wonderful improvisations on themes proposed by the audience”.