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Regional Representation – Prague 11

On 5 May a meeting of the representatives of the eleven Czech regional representations in Brussels with the representatives of their partner regions took place. The aim of the event was to enrich the net of mutual contacts and to meet potential partners for proposed projects. The representatives of each Czech regional representation had an opportunity to invite three or four of their most important partners. The representatives of Paris (Ile-de-France), London, Budapest and Vienna accepted the invitation of the City of Prague. The working character of the meeting was slowly changed into a social gathering by the official opening of the exhibition of lithographs by František Doubek which were prepared by the author especially for this occasion. Each of his pictures depicted one of the European towns. The City of Prague was represented by Prague Representation, and the councillors of the City of Prague and Prague 11 Jiří Janeček and Milan Pešák, and the Mayor of Prague 11 Dalibor Mlejnský who were in Brussels for the event Days of Prague 11 which took place the following day.