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GUF Workshop Urban Mobility

Benefits of satellite navigation for Urban Mobility (Galileo User Forum)

International GUF Workshop (Galileo User Forum – Czech initiative) dedicated to the use of GNSS services in urban mobility
About: 1/2 day workshop, time for questions and discussion, evening cocktail
Official workshop language: English

Date: 2nd of June  2010

Venue: Delegation of Prague to the EU in Brussels
Participation at the workshop is free of charge





Program of the Workshop

Objectives of the WorkshopThe Czech Republic is aware of the enormous importance of up-to-date technologies as well as their contribution, whether in the technological or social field. Accordingly, through its permanently growing potential, the Global Navigation Satellite System (GNSS) rightly occupies a dominant position among such up-to-date technologies. However, in order to ensure a comprehensive and coordinated development of GNSS systems it is necessary to take account of the needs of all stakeholders.

The mobility of citizens is to be included among the most burning issues of the life in big cities. The growing traffic in urban areas is causing troubles related to the capacity of streets, which entails the growth of negative impacts on the health of population and on the surrounding environment – this also involves problems of supplies, etc.

The EGNOS system and subsequently the Galileo system dispose of a large potential within the urban mobility field because the mobility directly touches every citizen. Urban transport information of sufficient quality provided through these systems have a potential of improving the passableness of cities, making the road traffic control more efficient, and optimizing the operation of public transport vehicles. In this way, these systems will contribute to the increase in the safety, environmental soundness and economy of public transport means.

That is why the Ministry of Transport of the Czech Republic, in cooperation with the Capital City of Prague and the Czech and Slovak ITS&S association is holding, as a Czech initiative, an international workshop Galileo User Forum (GUF) in the Prague House in Brussels. The GUF Workshop objective is to conduct a professional discussion between end users and European institutions, accountable for the satellite navigation deployment. Following a discussion the workshop participants are laying down common standpoints and recommendations so that they may be considered in the development of satellite navigation systems in the urban mobility field as well as in their practical implementation, particularly for the future European Galileo system. In the course of the discussion, the participants‘ opinions or short presentations concerning the raised issues are welcome.

The GUF Workshop, focused on the use of the EGNOS system and subsequently the Galileo in the urban mobility field will be held in the premises of the Prague House in Brussels. The Ministry of Transport of the Czech Republic takes a great pleasure in inviting you to take part in the GUF Workshop „Benefits of Satellite Navigation for Urban Mobility“.

Contact: Prague House

The Prague House is located near EU institutions:

  • 5 min walk from the main European Committee building (Berlaymont)
  • 5 min walk from the building of the European Union Council (Justus Lipsius)
  • 15 min walk from the building of the European Parliament
  • 15 min walk from the building of the Committee of the Regions and the Economic and Social Committee

Public transport connection:

  • Railway station „Bruxelles-Schuman“ (5 minutes)
  • Metro Schuman or Maelbeek (5 minutes)
  • Bus nos. 60, 63, 64, Palmerston stop or Ambiorix stop (1 minute)
  • Airport bus no. 12, Schuman stop (5 minutes)